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Are you warming the world by trying to cool it down?

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Problem Context

  • In the tropics, air-conditioning is crucial for comfort and productivity
  • Most offices, schools, malls, homes and hotels are set at 21-22°C
  • Cooling costs account for 25-40% of a typical electricity bill, and 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions
  • Companies and governments are under pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and Kigali Amendment

The Problem

  • As the world warms, the demand for air conditioners rises, creating a vicious cycle. We are heating the world by cooling it down
  • Some 1.6 billion buildings worldwide have AC today, a number that will grow to 5.6 billion by 2050
  • The strongest growth will be seen in the tropics (e.g. India & Indonesia) where the higher temperatures and rapid rates of economic growth will manifest into skyrocketing demand

The Opportunity

  • New research has found that employees are equally productive at 25°C, not 21°C as previously thought
  • By using economical air conditioning settings of 25°C, companies and homes can:
    1. Profit: For every 1°C increase in air-conditioning temperature, save up to 6% on their electricity bill
    2. People: Improve the productivity of their staff, especially women
    3. Planet: For every 1°C increase in default air conditioning temperature, reduce CO2 emissions by 3%

A Win-Win-Win Solution

  • Increase your default air-conditioning setting to 25°C
  • By doing this, governments, corporates, institutions, manufacturers and houses can:
    1. Reduce electricity bills and electricity generation costs
    2. Reduce CO2 and HFC emissions
    3. Improve employee productivity, especially women

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I commit to Go25degrees by setting my default air conditioning setting to 25°C.
I understand that by doing this, I will save money on electricity, reduce my CO2 emissions and improve overall productivity and comfort

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