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Compare manufacturer defaults

AC/HVAC Manufacturer League Table

Manufacturers play the most important role in improving AC unit efficiency and reducing the harmful environmental impact of Air Conditioning.

Given the enduring nature of the "default effect", changing the default remote setting to 25°C can significantly reduce the environemental impact of air-conditioning.

"Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are showing the best Corporate Social Responsibility. See the best and worst performers below:"


AC Manufacturer / Brand Remote Control Default Temperature Setting
Degrees Celsius
Operating Manual Temperature Setting Guidelines
Degrees Celsius
Partnered with "United for Efficiency"
Daikin 25 26-28
Godrej 25 26
Mitsubishi Electric 25 19-30
The Climate Planet company 25 18-30
Blue Star 24 21-32
Hyundai 24 21-32
Kelvinator 24 16-30
Onida 24 16-31
Videocon 24 16-31
Gree Electric Appliances 23,5 16-30
Electrolux 23 16-30
Hitachi 23 23
Samsung 23 18-30
Beko 22 22-24
Mitashi 22 19-24
LG 18 16-30
Whirlpool 18 18-32

"Are you a manufacturer who wants to show Corporate Social Responsibility leadership. Sign your pledge and partner with us."

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